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Here, you will be able to explore a lot of ideas and designs as how you can design your own mermaid party. The idea is to create a very attractive party with the help of some craft materials. You can make a very good invitation by designing the invitation with the use of some good coloring pages. This will certainly create an atmosphere that will attract your guests with its fun and creative idea.

Another very interesting game that you can enjoy with the help of mermaid games is the swim and hide game. In this game, the players can take the help of various items such as the mermaid pool games and the life-size cutouts. Then, each player will draw a face on the board according to the design that he or she wants to see. Thus, it can turn out to be a very amusing game. With these options, you can certainly hold your children’s birthday parties to a very exciting level.

You can also have the mermaids carry along with them a bag of gold coins. Thus, when everyone will try to grab the bag of jewels, you will have an exciting game. You can turn it into a contest between the best three girls and the winner will get to keep the bag of jewels. The same idea can be followed for the treasure cove game which revolves around the idea of having little mermaids protecting the treasure. The players can also dress up their dolls with different kinds of jewelries such as beads, diamonds, crystals and pearls.

For an excellent option for a fun time during the kids’ mermaid birthday party, you can also opt for making handmade mermaid tails. You will need to make a large number of tails that you can craft and decorate the craft room with them. The children will have loads of fun making their own crafts. After completing them, you can take the finished products home and present them to your guests. You can also add a personalized message on the craft work, which will make everyone feel special.