The SpongeBob Games is a number of different online video games based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon show, SpongeBob Square Pants, which was created by Stephen Hillenburg in 2021. The title SpongeBob started out as an instant hit and has become one of the best-selling cartoons on Nickelodeon. The majority of its TV show episodes are geared towards young children, but it has recently evolved to be enjoyed by both kids and adults. In fact, SpongeBob has achieved the rarest combination, with the most age groups playing the game simultaneously. Throughout the years, several different SpongeBob games have been released for a wide variety of gaming systems.

In November of 2021, Nickelodeon received mixed reviews with the release of two new SpongeBob games: Town Life and Bikini Bowling. Both received positive reviews, but it seems that it was the latter that received a lot more attention. In fact, it was the top selling SpongeBob video game during the 2021 holiday season, selling almost twice as many copies as SpongeBob Surprise Premade Game and SpongeBob HD: The SpongeBob Game. Unfortunately, it didn’t fare as well during the next holiday season, with only a few hundred copies sold versus the previous year’s two hundred and fifty-two copies. This is because the new SpongeBob games were released as a download for those who bought the earlier version.

The second game features a twist on SpongeBob’s recurring conflict with the evil pirate Patrick Starks, who wants to destroy the Krusty Island pineapple and pillage the island. Here, players control SpongeBob and the other sea life by way of an email program. You can also play through the cartoon version as Sponge Bob, which can be accessed through the SpongeBob HD iPhone app and the SpongeBob HD YouTube application. In this game, you control SpongeBob and try to rescue the Patrick Starks from the bottom of the ocean by using your email program, a setback, and the “apostroids.” These special attacks repel the Patrick starks and help you earn the victory in spite of their efforts to stop you.

As previously mentioned, the second game in the SpongeBob games has a viral aspect, with a number of elements collecting emails in the game and sending them to a special address. The game can be completed in one sitting, but if you’re feeling a little more ambitious, you may wish to go back and complete some of the earlier levels. It also allows for up to four-player interactions, meaning that not everyone can win. If you do lose, you are given another chance to try before giving up, but winning is not impossible. In the previous game, SpongeBob and his enemies lost when he threw a plank of wood at Patrick, but in the latest release, they seem to be gaining ground due to SpongeBob’s introduction of the “Bikini Bottom Bikini!”